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Fully Cut Out Masks Supplied with Elastics or Sticks Using 2 Different Photos!!


Inject even more enjoyment into your hen night surprise party or the wedding evening entertainment with our fantastic personalised party face masks available fully cut with Elastics or with Sticks.  

Our groom and bride face masks are perfect for embarrassing the newly wedded couple. The masks are completely personalized photo's of both the Groom and Bride or Partners. Simply add the total number of masks required (Minimum 4), send us the photos of both the Groom and Bride or Partners, we'll print both faces to create your Face Masks, just tell us how many of each face you require from the total added to cart..

  • The masks arrive fully cut out.
  • The eye holes are ready punched out, the elastic holes are ready punched out.
  • The fully cut out masks are supplied with as much hair and face as possible.
  • All masks arrive with the Elastics or Sticks simply select from above.
    (the elastics need to be tied on to the masks and for the Sticks you simply peel and stick on the rear).  

    Elastics, simply tie a knot at one end and feed through one of the elastic holes then simply feed through the second hole and tie another knot.

    We can make all the masks of the Groom to be "and or" the Bride or Partners no extra charge! Just send the photos of the Groom / Bride Partners, tell us the quantity needed of each face you need and  we'll do the rest!

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