Face Masks On STICKS


.jpg or .png images only please. Minimum Order requirement is 4 Masks added to cart

Minumum Order 4 Masks, Add at Least 4 to Cart

Fully Cut Face Masks with Sticks, extra Thick Card for Great Stiff Masks.

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minimum order of 10 masks or more.

These are A4 size Fully Cut Out Masks supplied with Thick Strong Wooden Sticks, Printed on 400gsm thick card with Eye Holes ready punched out, prefect for taking group photos wearing the masks, "no flashback!" with great quality results.
(Photo Quality Dependent!!) social media images are reduced in size and quality so we recommend original images wherever possible, if using social media images try to find a more closeup of the face, group photos rarely work as the faces are too far back. Most screenshot images won't work, try sending the photo, not a screenshot of it.

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